Category: Asymptotic geometric analysis

Concentration of measure
In mathematics, concentration of measure (about a median) is a principle that is applied in measure theory, probability and combinatorics, and has consequences for other fields such as Banach space th
Milman's reverse Brunn–Minkowski inequality
In mathematics, particularly, in asymptotic convex geometry, Milman's reverse Brunn–Minkowski inequality is a result due to Vitali Milman that provides a reverse inequality to the famous Brunn–Minkows
Dvoretzky's theorem
In mathematics, Dvoretzky's theorem is an important structural theorem about normed vector spaces proved by Aryeh Dvoretzky in the early 1960s, answering a question of Alexander Grothendieck. In essen
Quotient of subspace theorem
In mathematics, the quotient of subspace theorem is an important property of finite-dimensional normed spaces, discovered by Vitali Milman. Let (X, ||·||) be an N-dimensional normed space. There exist