Category: Applicative computing systems

Applicative universal grammar
Applicative universal grammar, or AUG, is a universal semantic metalanguage intended for studying the semantic processes in particular languages. This is a linguistic theory that views the formation o
Categorical abstract machine
The categorical abstract machine (CAM) is a model of computation for programs that preserves the abilities of applicative, functional, or compositional style. It is based on the techniques of applicat
Applicative computing systems
Applicative computing systems, or ACS are the systems of object calculi founded on combinatory logic and lambda calculus. The only essential notion which is under consideration in these systems is the
Graph reduction machine
A graph reduction machine is a special-purpose computer built to perform combinator calculations by graph reduction. Examples include the SKIM ("S-K-I machine") computer, built at the University of Ca
Applicative programming language
In the classification of programming languages, an applicative programming language is built out of functions applied to arguments. Applicative languages are functional, and applicative is often used