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Annuities in the European Union
Under European Union law, an annuity is a financial contract which provides an income stream in return for an initial payment with specific parameters. It is the opposite of a settlement funding. A Sw
Secondary market annuity
The term secondary market annuity is a misnomer. Certain salespeople use it as a term to describe an investment in factored structured settlement payment rights. The financial instrument that certain
Duchess of Kent's Annuity Act 1838
The Duchess of Kent's Annuity Act 1838 (1 & 2 Vict. c. 8) was an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom, signed into law on 26 January 1838. It empowered Queen Victoria to grant an annuity of £30,000
(For the sculpture, see Perpetuity (sculpture).) A perpetuity is an annuity that has no end, or a stream of cash payments that continues forever. There are few actual perpetuities in existence. For ex
Government Annuities Act
Government Annuities Act is a stock short title used in New Zealand and the United Kingdom for legislation relating to government annuities.
Enhanced annuity
There are many different types of annuity that one may purchase on approaching retirement. Many such annuities can be purchased on enhanced terms: an enhanced or impaired annuity is an annuity that pr
Equity-indexed annuity
An indexed annuity (the word equity previously tied to indexed annuities has been removed to help prevent the assumption of stock market investing being present in these products) in the United States
Fixed annuity
Fixed annuities are insurance products which protect against loss and generally offer fixed rates of return. The rates are typically based on the current interest rate environment. They are offered by
Capital recovery factor
A capital recovery factor is the ratio of a constant annuity to the present value of receiving that annuity for a given length of time. Using an interest rate i, the capital recovery factor is: where
Private annuity trust
Prior to 2006, a private annuity trust (PAT) was an arrangement to enable the value of highly appreciated assets, such as real estate, collectables or an investment portfolio, to be realized without d
Retirement annuity plan
Retirement annuity plan is a financial product that ensures regular income to retirees in later years most often issued and distributed (or sold) by an insurance organization. The main idea behind thi
Life annuity
A life annuity is an annuity, or series of payments at fixed intervals, paid while the purchaser (or annuitant) is alive. The majority of life annuities are insurance products sold or issued by life i
Grantor retained annuity trust
A grantor-retained annuity trust (commonly referred to by the acronym GRAT), is a financial instrument commonly used in the United States to make large financial gifts to family members without paying
Swiss annuity
A Swiss annuity simply refers to a fixed or variable annuity marketed from Switzerland or issued by a Swiss based life insurance company but has no legal definition. Insurance brokers promoting annuit
Amortization calculator
An amortization calculator is used to determine the periodic payment amount due on a loan (typically a mortgage), based on the amortization process. The amortization repayment model factors varying am
In investment, an annuity is a series of payments made at equal intervals. Examples of annuities are regular deposits to a savings account, monthly home mortgage payments, monthly insurance payments a
Longevity insurance
Longevity insurance, describes the process of mitigating against Longevity risk. Such risk mitigation is often achieved using a longevity annuity or Tontine, qualifying longevity annuity contract (QLA
Annuities in the United States
In the United States, an annuity is a financial product which offers tax-deferred growth and which usually offers benefits such as an income for life. Typically these are offered as structured (insura