Category: Aluminides

Gold–aluminium intermetallic
A gold–aluminium intermetallic is an intermetallic compound of gold and aluminium that occurs at contacts between the two metals. These intermetallics have different properties from the individual met
Iron aluminide
Iron aluminides are intermetallic compounds of iron and aluminium - they typically contain ~18% Al or more. Good oxide and sulfur resistance, with strength comparable to steel alloys, and low cost of
Titanium aluminide
Titanium aluminide (chemical formula TiAl), commonly gamma titanium, is an intermetallic chemical compound. It is lightweight and resistant to oxidation and heat, but has low ductility. The density of
Tantalum trialuminide
Tantalum trialuminide (TaAl3) is an inorganic chemical compound. This compound and Ta3Al are stable, refractory, and reflective, and they have been proposed as coatings for use in infrared wave mirror
Nickel aluminide
Nickel aluminide typically refers to the one of the two most widely used compounds, Ni3Al or NiAl, however is generally any aluminide from the Ni-Al system. These alloys are widely used due to their c
An aluminide is a compound that has aluminium with more electropositive elements. Since aluminium is near the nonmetals on the periodic table, it can bond with metals differently from other metals. Th
Magnesium aluminide
Magnesium aluminide is an intermetallic compound of magnesium and aluminium. Common phases (molecular structures) include the beta phase (Mg2Al3) and the gamma phase (Mg17Al12), which both have cubic