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Algebra I
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Connected Mathematics
Connected Mathematics is a comprehensive mathematics program intended for U.S. students in grades 6-8. The curriculum design, text materials for students, and supporting resources for teachers were cr
Early Algebra
Early Algebra is an approach to early mathematics teaching and learning. It is about teaching traditional topics in more profound ways. It is also an area of research in mathematics education. Traditi
Algebra Project
The Algebra Project is a national U.S. mathematics literacy program aimed at helping low-income students and students of color achieve the mathematical skills in high school that are a prerequisite fo
Algebra tile
Algebra tiles are mathematical manipulatives that allow students to better understand ways of algebraic thinking and the concepts of algebra. These tiles have proven to provide concrete models for ele
Pre-algebra is a common name for a course in middle school mathematics in the United States, usually taught in the 7th grade or 8th grade. The objective of it is to prepare students for the study of a
Freshman's dream
The freshman's dream is a name sometimes given to the erroneous equation , where is a real number (usually a positive integer greater than 1) and are nonzero real numbers. Beginning students commonly
Computer algebra system
A computer algebra system (CAS) or symbolic algebra system (SAS) is any mathematical software with the ability to manipulate mathematical expressions in a way similar to the traditional manual computa
Algebra II
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