Category: Abstract interpretation

Widening (computer science)
In computer science, especially model checking and abstract interpretation, widening refers to at least two different techniques in the analysis of abstract transition systems where infinite progressi
Galois connection
In mathematics, especially in order theory, a Galois connection is a particular correspondence (typically) between two partially ordered sets (posets). Galois connections find applications in various
Symbolic execution
In computer science, symbolic execution (also symbolic evaluation or symbex) is a means of analyzing a program to determine what inputs cause each part of a program to execute. An interpreter follows
CPAchecker is a framework and tool for formal software verification, and program analysis, of C programs. Some of its ideas and concepts, for example lazy abstraction, were inherited from the software
Parasoft C/C++test
Parasoft C/C++test is an integrated set of tools for testing C and C++ source code that software developers use to analyze, test, find defects, and measure the quality and security of their applicatio
Polyspace is a static code analysis tool for large-scale analysis by abstract interpretation to detect, or prove the absence of, certain run-time errors in source code for the C, C++, and Ada programm
Parasoft (officially Parasoft Corporation) is an independent software vendor specializing in automated software testing and application security with headquarters in Monrovia, California. It was found
Abstract interpretation
In computer science, abstract interpretation is a theory of sound approximation of the semantics of computer programs, based on monotonic functions over ordered sets, especially lattices. It can be vi
Astrée (static analysis)
Astrée ("Analyseur statique de logiciels temps-réel embarqués") is a static analyzer based on abstract interpretation. It analyzes programs written in the C programming language and outputs an exhaust